Gigi, Almost American!

Congrats to Josh Gad, Ida Darvish and our folks at the Lost Nomads on their new web series Gigi: Lost American, now airing on Harry Shearer's My Damn Full story Here! The newest, 10-episode comedy series premiered March 23. Josh Gad stars as Gigi, a lovable foreigner with dreams of fitting in as an "average American." This slapstick comedy series follows Gigi's adventures where he will let nothing – not his lack of street smarts, nor his incomprehensible grasp of the English language – stand in his way. Gad is a TV, film, and stage actor who stars in the upcoming Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Gad's credits also include Love and Other Drugs, 21 and Back to You, and his recurring role as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Here is an episode feautring our own Ida Darvish.