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Mission Statement

The Actors' Lounge provides an open mic platform for actors, with the intention of honing their craft in front of an enthusiastic, built-in, audience. This is not a showcase, this is not a class, this is a unique opportunity to grow as an artist and to become a part of an ever-changing theatrical community

About The Actors' Lounge

Founded in 2004. The Actors' Lounge is an open mic showcase for actors, artists, musicians and anyone looking to showcase their talents on stage.

ArtShareLA The Actors' Lounge operates under The Actors' Lounge Foundation, a non-profit division supported by ArtShare Los Angeles, a 501(c)3 organization serving as a community based arts learning destination whose mission is to change lives in underprivileged neighborhoods, serving as a community based incubator for local emerging and established artists whose mission is providing both safe shelter and workplace to exhibit and perform.

Additionally, The Actors' Lounge non-profit foundation group also welcomes anyone interested in participating in and supporting the lounge as members. Foundation meetings are held at Greenway Court Theatre every first Wednesday at 6:30pm preceding the show. The Actors' Lounge is hosted by Da Poetry Lounge's own Adam "In-Q" Schmalholz, Justin Wade and Joshua Silverstein, features live performances from DJ Brutha Gimel of Klassic Produkshuns spinning on the ones and twos, film clips courtesy of Victorhouse Films and live stage paintings from world-class artists.

Where it's at?

ArtShareLA Since the beginning, The Actors' Lounge takes place at Greenway Court Theatre. Located on the campus of Fairfax High School, near the trendy L.A. intersection of Fairfax and Melrose, the Greenway Court Theatre and its non-profit group, The Greenway Arts Alliance has been a centerpiece in uniting the community through arts, education and enterprise.

Since opening its doors in 2000, the Greenway Court Theatre has been home to plays, poetry slams, art shows and more. It is perhaps most notable as the home of Da Poetry Lounge, one of the nation's largest poetry slams, held every Tuesday night. The Actors' Lounge and the Greenway Arts Alliance is supported by donations and The Melrose Trading Post, a weekly swap-meet where 3,000-4,000 people shop the many wares from 200+ eclectic vendors. The Melrose Trading Post is held every Sunday rain or shine. Shows are held every first Wednesday. Talent sign-ups begin at 7:30pm, showtime is at 8:30pm. Since we're non-profit, a suggested donation of $3 is requested.

Greenway Court Theatre is located at 544 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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